Four Quick, Green and Frugal Beauty Tips

Friday, November 22, 2013

If you've been chasing down the promise of amazing skin and hair, put away your wallet and open the pantry.

1. Wash your hair with baking soda. You don't need shampoo ever again. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for this one-- until they try it. Even my boyfriend is hooked. Just dilute baking soda to about 10% (approximately) with warm water in a mason jar or other container and pour over your head in the shower or bath. Massage your scalp lightly and let it sit for a bit in your hair. It feels awesome. Then rinse normally. For convenience, I keep a jar of baking soda with a scoop in it, and a second empty jar next to the tub that I use to dilute it and pour over my head. Your hair will be totally clean and residue free and smell like absolutely nothing. Residue-free hair won't be weighed down by the nastiness commercial shampoos leave, giving you not only truly clean hair, but fresh styling options with plenty of volume to play with. 

2. Condition your hair with apple cider vinegar diluted the same way. Want to make your hair silky, shiny, and still residue free? Thought so. Pour it right over your hair after the baking soda has been sitting. Enjoy the bubbles and rinse well. I promise your hair won't smell like vinegar, but you can add a drop of your favorite essential oil if you wish. You can substitute white vinegar if you don't have the apple cider kind.

3. Baking soda is the perfect microdermabrasion. Forget expensive facial kits or weird electric contraptions and stay away from chemical peels. Does "chemical peel" really sound like something you want to do to your face?! Horrifying. Just lightly moisten about a teaspoon of baking soda on your fingertips, massage your skin lightly, and rinse. The slightly abrasive crystals will exfoliate away gross buildup and leave you with a fresh complexion. Once or twice a week is best. It's even safe for freakishly sensitive and acne prone skin like mine.

4. Shave with olive oil and eliminate razor burn. The first time I did this I wondered why anyone ever bothered to invent shaving cream. My razors also stopped rusting since I switched. You only need a little bit, just spread on and shave like normal. Oil creates the perfect lubricant to prevent that horrible drag of the blades that has been leaving your skin feeling rough and irritated. You can rinse off with a mild soap after if you dislike the slightly oily feeling or just rinse to leave your skin moisturized. And no, oil does NOT give you acne. Bath and beauty marketing lies! Alternatively you could use coconut oil or just about any other type of skin-friendly oil like jojoba.

Don't knock it until you try it, kids. Your body and your bank account will thank you.

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